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How long does an employer have to respond once receiving a charge from the EEOC?

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Four months after filing a discrimination claim with the EEOC I received notification from the EEOC that my charge has been assigned to an investigator and that they (the EEOC) is in the process of getting a response to my charge. What does this mean for me exactly? And how much longer could this possible take?

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The EEOC sends a copy of your charge to your employer within 10 days of filing and requests a written Position Statement. The Position Statement is due generally within 20 days, but there is no punishment if the employer does not file it within the allotted time. In reality the EEOC is very backlogged right now and most investigations won't actually start until at least 3-4 months after filing. Most of our clients EEOC investigations take anywhere from 10 to 18 months. We have recently had some that take over 2 years.

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