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How long does a tenant have to move out when you dont have a lease and the house I am in was sold?

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When we moved in she informed us that she would be selling the house around may time and most likely have till the end of May but it could be sooner. She said we would get a months notice. They sold the house on March 19th and said you have until the end of the month to get out basically. We have receipts that we pay rent on time and have not done anything illegal or wrong. How long do we have to move out.

I heard that we have 31 days from the day before the next rent is due?

Also, do we have to pay for that 31 days that they give us to move out? they have 1 months security deposit already

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Unless you agree to move out, the new owner cannot evict you without bringing an eviction proceeding in Housing Court. There is no pre se rule as to how long you have to stay. However, as a month-to-month tenant, 30 days is ordinarily sufficient for giving notice. Yes, you are obligated to pay rent for the time that you are an occupant of the premises. A security deposit is just that, security; it is not rent.

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