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How long does a temporary guardinship last?

Kennesaw, GA |

I have guardinship of my son's three children over a year now. Do I have to update the guardinship yearly? I pray not the cost for this in my county is high....

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An Order for Temporary Letters of Guardianship of Minor will generally contain some form of instruction as to your responsibilities. There may be a requirement to provide a status report to the court within a certain period (for example 60 days) after the Order is granted. You may also have to file an annual personal status report concerning the minor(s) to the court that issued the letters. Please review the Temporary Letters of Guardianship of Minor(s) issued to you by the court and contact the court clerk who handles minor guardianships if there are reports overdue for information on what needs to be filed.


Generally, you should be providing annual accountings to the probate court regarding the guardianship and the status of the ward. I agree with my colleague's response in that you should review the paperwork you received from the court or contact them directly to see what is required of you as guardian.

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