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How long does a life insurance investigation take....

Flushing, NY |

Hello, my mother passed away about 5 months ago. I sent in an original death certificate and form to Guardian. Originally my mothers policy was for 250k. About a 18 mo ago she upped the policy to 500k. Guardian sent me a form to sign to release my mothers medical records which I signed and sent back in. I called the Insurance company a couple months ago and they said its being processed and it is still under investigation due to the contestability period. Does any one have any idea of how long this process takes and what I should do or expect? Thanks.

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Sorry to hear about your mother’s passing. Since they requested her medical records it looks like they are looking for some technicality to deny/limit her claim. I would request a written explanation from them regarding the status of their investigation and what they are investigating.

Good luck.

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I would agree with david.

You can call them and simply inquire about what is going on on their end.

This response does not constitute legal advice or the establishment of an attorney-client relationship. I recommend you meet with an attorney.


Five months is an unusually long time for a claim review. It is best to consult a life insurance lawyer about the specifics of your case.