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How long does a family have to file a rape two (statutory rape) charge?

Shawnee, OK |

I recently met a 14 year old girl, not knowing she was 14 of course we "made out." Afterwards her family found out and the police ended up getting involved. How long does the family have to press charges against me? Also, I'm 18, I wasn't aware she was 14 at the time, and all we did was kiss, quiet literally, I did not even fondle the young lady and there are two police reports (mine and hers) confirming this. What are my chances of winning this case should it come up?

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If you haven't been charged with an offense, you probably shouldn't be posting information on the internet about your conduct if you feel like there is an investigation into the incident. As for the statute of limitations, it can vary from state to state and it will be up to the Prosecutor's office whether or not to proceed with any criminal case.