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How long does a Family Court case trial take?

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I haven't received the papers yet since I guess the petitioner doesn't know my new address. But, since I want a trial as I am completely innocent, can I just go to the court before the next court date and accept the papers. Will there then be a trial set for the next court date? How long does it usually take from the point when you receive and accept the papers until the Family Court trial?

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It depends on what kind of Family Court case you have. If it's a custody or neglect case, it may take 12-18 months. If it's a support case or family offense case, those taken much shorter times, but you may still be looking at 4-6 months for a support case & 6-8 months for a family offense. These time frames are very approximate & also vary by the court & the Judge. You may goto Court & get the petition yourself, and the Judge/Magistrate will take your acknowledgement of service on the 1st court date. In any event, I encourage you to schedule a follow-up consultation with a NYC Family Law attorney.

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The paperwork should be served on you at least 8 days before the court date. If you show up om the date of the appearance without being served, then the case can be heard if the petitioner shows up. You can also file a petition and have the other side served at least 8 days before the court date. The length of the case depends on the type of the proceeding, whether child support, custody, order of protection, neglect or abuse. It also varies depending on the court backlog and the availability of all the attorneys. See an experienced family law attorney to assist you.

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No, no child involved, it's just my ex who falsely accused me. All DV accusations in the petition, all lies since I have never, and would never, assaulted her in any way.


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