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How long does a DUI stay on a MN driving record?

Minneapolis, MN |

In MN, the 1st DUI was in 1992. He recv'd his 2nd in 2007. I'm wondering how long car insurance will be impacted. The car insurance company has not caught it yet, can they go back and charge us?

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Generally, criminal convictions will remain on one's criminal record (NCIC) forever. Whether or not an insurance company utilizes this "RAP" sheet or not is unknown. Your driving record will also usually contain lifetime entries, although many times your local DMV will only print out a three year history. Be aware though that insurance companies more than likely will have access to the full one. However, it is unlikely that they would go back all the way to the 1992 DUI and "hit" you for that one, assuming this is a company that you have been with for some time.


In Minnesota, under current law a DWI or implied consent violation will stay on the drivers license record forever.

I believe most insurance companies will diseregard one after five years.



Most auto insurance companies do record checks that go back 3 years, and some do 5 years. While a DWI will stay on your record for life once you are convicted, an insurance company will only see your record for the timeframe they request. The 1992 DWI should never affect insurance, but the 2007 incident will if your insurance company does a record check within the next 3-5 years. Once they find out about it, they will either increase rates dramatically or drop you from coverage altogether.

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