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How long does a domestic violence stay on my record in the state of Colorado?

Denver, CO |
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A misdemeanor conviction stays on your record in Colorado forever. Whether the offense was 25 years ago or last year, judges, prosecutors, and other individuals have access to your criminal history on the national computer maintained by the FBI - NCIC and the state computer system maintained by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation - CCIC. That is the status if it was a "conviction." If it was dismissed, you were found not guilty at trial, or dismissed after successfully completing a deferred judgment and sentence, then you might be able to seal the record. If that is the situation, you need to consult an attorney familiar with filing sealings.


Attorney Leroi is right. Only if all charges are either dismissed or you are found not guilty at trial can you file a petition to seal the record. Domestic violence convictions, it is my understanding, cannot be sealed. If you are arrested but no charges are filed then you can seek to seal your record.

You should consult with a criminal attorney to see if you are eligible to seal your record.

In any case, once you have a criminal record the government will know about it even if your criminal record is sealed.

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