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How long does a court in OH have to file a 4th DUI charge against someone?

Dover, OH |

A friend of mine was picked on Oct. 30th 2009. He did not sign the ticket, the police took blood even tho he isnt allowed to give blood due to medical reasons, the police released him the same night & also released the car back to him.

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A 4th DUI charge within how many years? Is this a potential felony or just a misdemeanor charge? Was there any alcohol involved or was it drugs/medication that caused the cops to believe your friend was OVI? More info is needed to accurately answer your question.

Your friend should contact attorney Jon Saia or Rob Calesaric to discuss the specific facts.


Two years on a Misdemeanor, six years on a felony. Better have your friend consult an experienced OVI lawyer in your local area immediately, before they come knocking on his door to arrest him.

Dan J. Weisenburger
Attorney at Law