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How long does a cop have to mail me the speeding ticket before it is invalid?

Santa Clara, CA |

Hi, I recently received a speeding ticket for going 75mph on a highway. The date of the violation is 10/31/13. I have only just received the ticket now, although it was time stamped 11/22/13. I thought I remember reading somewhere the cop who tickets you has 2 weeks to get the ticket to the recipient before it becomes invalid and I am looking for some clarity on this situation. Thanks for your time and help!

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Call Andrew Roberts, who posts on here frequently.

My two cents as an answer (and perhaps it is worth less than that) is that there is only the one year limitation on the statute of limitations and that the longer the copy waits to do so, the better for you. I certainly am not eager or itching to get a ticket. Moreover, the longer it takes the police to do so, the more their memory fades by the time the hearing date arrives, and that is also to your advantage.


I'm not aware of any two-week rule.

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The police amend tickets all the time, the exact statute of
Limitations depends on the specific charge. You could always call the DA's office to see if there are charges pending on you.


I am not aware of any 2 week rule. There is a one year statute of limitations for infractions.



As others have said, the statute of limitations is one year. You say that you "received a speeding ticket..." but then suggest that you "only just received the ticket now..." This suggests to me that you were pulled over by police officer or chp and ticketed by officer. You likely signed and were issued a duplicate copy of the ticket though your recitation of facts alternatively suggests that you were pulled over but issued no such citation. In any event, if the citation was issued to you in person or after two weeks in mail, notice requirements are likely satisfied though I suspect you were cited in person and then any subsequent mailed ticket is simply a "courtesy copy". There is no two week rule. Hire a lawyer or challenge in court pro per. Good luck.