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How long does a company have to respond to a request to fix a car maintenance mistake?

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My car is 2010 with less than 40,000 miles. Took my car to get an oil change, technician did not tighten oil plug correctly. While driving, oil plug came out, thus my car ran out of oil and now I need a new engine. I have contacted the company, but I am getting the run around about receiving money to repair my engine. They want to replace the engine themselves, but it will void my powertrain warranty with car manufacturer and I do not trust them to fix it correctly. What are my options in pursuing legal action against the company?

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To answer your question, there is no limit on how long they have to respond. In fact, they are at liberty not to respond at all or ever.

You really need a lawyer. Unless you hire one, you are at the company's mercy because the status quo favors them. They have no real incentive to act without a legitimate threat of legal action.

Good luck.


If you don't already have an attorney, your best option is to retain one.


You really need to get an attorney to assist you.

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This is definitely a case where you need to consult in person with a consumer attorney. You do not have to allow them to replace the engine and they can be sued for the amount it will cost to replace the engine and your rental expenses. The attorney you hire can add a request for attorney's fee to any lawsuit filed since this is a breach of warranty claim.

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