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How long does a 3rd offense petty larceny charge carry in jail time

Portsmouth, VA |

I got a 3rd offense petty larceny charge that was dropped down to consealment..I got a grand larceny charge on my record from 3 yrs ago and 8 yrs ago I had gotten charged with a bad check from foodlion because my check had bounced but I paid it off but its still on my guidelines call for one day to six months for the consealment charge my question is with the things that are already on my record what do u think the judge will give me in court on this consealment charge I got... Will he give me jail time or is there a chance I could only get probation and if he does give me jail time will it be a lot of time

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It's hard to guess what a judge will do, or how much time you will get. The best you can do is get a good lawyer and fight hard for a good result.

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