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How long do you have to serve on your prison term, can you get early release?

Milton, FL |

my grandson is in the prison system for 3 years. Was charged with home invasion robbery with weapon. Has never been in prison or jail before. He was sent to Youth Offender prison, and moved due to another prison, due to closing a prison. He has been there 11/2 years. Is it possible for him to have home arrest or community service or rehabilitation programs.

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Generally speaking, inmates serve about 85% if their sentence, but that can vary depending on many factors. However, there is no longer parole in Florida so he won't be released any earlier than that. Additionally, the client only has 60 days after his case is over to apply for a modification of sentence, so unless he filed an appeal which was denied less than 60 days ago, he will not be able to pursue this avenue, either. Unfortunately, it looks like he will have to finish out his sentence. if you want to see his tentative release date, you can look him up on the Department of Corrections website, click on "offender search", then "inmate population information". Then type in his name and you will see his release date. This will probably change as he earns more "Gain time" (time off his sentence).

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I am assuming from the way you have stated your question that your grandson has already been sentenced as a youthful offender and is already serving his 3-year youthful offender sentence.

A person sentenced to prison in Florida must serve at least 85% of his or her sentence. Your grandson may be eligible for gain time if he has no disciplinary problems during his incarceration, meaning he may be able to get out after serving 85% of his sentence.

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