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How long do you have to keep an ignition interlock on vehicle after license suspension if 2nd Dwi is 10 years or greater?

Tyler, TX |

My 1st DWI was 10 years ago. I just finished my license suspension for the 2nd one. I have served my time and have never failed since interlock was installed. I have had the interlock on my car since January 19th. On the TXDPS website my license status shows as eligible with no restrictions. Does this mean I am not required to have the interlock installed? If so, who would I need to contact about getting the interlock removed?

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It it likely that the interlock company will require an order to remove the interlock. Go back to the court that ordered installation of the interlock and request an order to remove it.

Jim Mitchell Medley

Jim Mitchell Medley


Do not go to the cour alone. You need an advocate to speak to the court for you. If you go alone you will be given the boxed answers and nothing will likely change.


Are you on probation for the DWI 2nd? There is a requirement of having the interlock device for at least one half of the probationary period if the defendant blew a 0.15 (as shown at trial or through a plea bargain.) (Even if first DWI was over 10 years ago. Tex. Code. Crim. Pro. Art. 42.12 Sec. 13) Is this a provision of an Occupational Driver's License which allowed you to drive under certain times and conditions while your license was suspended? If so, you may be entitled to have the devise removed. If you are on probation, you will need to ask the court to order its removal. Consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney about how to handle your case.

Good Luck

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Have an attorney confirm your DL status and the status of any possible court order that may be lingering that affect your driving limitations. You could have a DL restriction or court ordered limitation even though you are not suspended.

Also, do not count on the accuracy or your ability to interpret what is on the DPS website. I have found mistakes on almost every client I have looked at the website compared to actual records. It is not reliable.

Get a lawyer who knows DWI and DL issues.

Good luck.

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