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How long do you gave to be employed to get a tourist visa?

New York, NY |

I lived in the us for 10 years in status, my most recent visa was a business visa denied 7 months ago for being too few clients. I am interviewing for jobs in Jamaica right now. How long do I have to be employed for to have a good shot at getting a tourist/business visa?

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It is a totality of the circumstances. You must be able to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the consular officer that you need to return to your home country and you have the financial means to pay for your expenses while in the US. Good luck.

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I agree with my colleague. It depends on the consular official and if you can demonstrate to that person that you are going to come to the US to do what you say you are going to do and have the ability and means to return home when you state you are going to return home. You should consult with an immigration attorney. Good luck.

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I agree as well. There is not set time for employment to qualify for a visitor visa. The CONOFF just needs to be convinced that you are truly going to visit and return. This may be difficult with 10 years in the US.

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I agree with my colleagues, there is no golden ticket answer, i.e. 5 years of stable employment is sufficient. It is, as my colleague notes, the totality of the evidence involved.

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