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How long do traffic tickets stay on your record in Georgia?

Lagrange, GA |

I got a stop sign violation in 2012. It wasn't very expensive, I went to court and plead nolo, paid it off, and they didn't put any points on my license. But... Apparently my insurance is just now going up. It was about 2 years ago when I got the ticket. Idk why they're just now either finding out about it, or deciding they're going to go up $30 on my insurance.
Do tickets eventually fall off your record? My friend said after 7 years it's supposed to fall off, or be deleted or whatever. Is that true? If not is there any way to get it sealed or expunged?
It was in Fayette County, by the city of Fayetteville not the state police.

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Are you asking for purposes of getting future citations? Your insurance carrier can act as they please concerning raising/lowering rates. If no more citations, in a year or two it should go back down.



No. I didn't get any more citations. I'm just wondering if tickets will disappear from your record after awhile. And maybe if anyone knows why they're going up now after 2 years ago. Idk if they just found out or what.


The charge never comes off, and you cannot expunge or restrict it. Most insurance companies will not look back more than 7 years because it is very expensive to do so. However, the charge is always there is they look back. Police, prosecutors, and government agencies will always be able to see it. Your insurance company just now randomly selected you for a driving history check and discovered the ticket.

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Charge will always be on your record, the insurance company you use makes the decision on how far they look back. Because they are private companies, they each have their own policy on how long to look back in order to raise your rates.


In Georgia the ticket will not "drop off" of your record. It will always remain there and government agencies can see all of your record no matter how long ago the charge. As far as your private insurance company goes - it is a private company and it can make whatever rules for the inclusion of a ticket that they want to. Also, as a private company they can decide the time period that the ticket will affect your insurance rates. Generally, run of the mill tickets like this will only count against you for a couple of years. However, if it was a DUI or something similar your insurance rates would skyrocket for YEARS!!! I appears to me that you were simply selected for a driving history check and the ticket showed up. Your problem is a good example of why it is important to try and work out a resolution with the prosecutor (either by yourself or with the help of an attorney) to a non traffic offense, such as a city ordinance violation, so that you won't have this problem. I hope this information is helpful to you.
George McCranie

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