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How long do they have to indite you from the time you got charged on a drug charge in texas

Odessa, TX |
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Once a person is arrested on a felony, the Grand Jury must vote to indict ["true bill"] or no bill that case. Thus the prosecutor must present the case to the Grand Jury within 180 days from the date of arrest. If the defendant is unable to bond out, the prosecutor must present the case within 90 days of arrest. If this is not done, the prosecutor can simply refile the case and do it all over again. This also means the defendant would have to be re-arrested, etc.

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On or before the last day of the next term of the court which is held after his commitment or admission to bail or on or before the 180th day after the date of commitment or admission to bail, whichever date is later. For more information, see Chapter 32 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. As in all criminal cases, you need to hire a good lawyer.


Both of the prior attorneys are correct as to the time period. The grand jury is a process that the DA uses to decide whether to prosecute cases. Your question really is about the statute of limitations. Misdemeanor possession is 2 years and felony is typically 3 years. Good luck.

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