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How long do they get to make a decision?

Joplin, MO |

is there any set time limit for the insurance company to accept our settlement offer ? its been about 3 weeks and no answer . . . im on WC and been thru the process now based off the ime we shot them a reasonable offer and we are still waiting . . . do they get unlimited time to counter offer or accept the one we had ?

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Yes. They can take as long as they want. Dealing with insurance companies can be very frustrating and confusing. It would be very worthwhile to consult with an attorney who can help you ensure that your recovery adequately compensates you for your injuries.


There is no time limit for an answer, but there are actions that an experienced Missouri workers compensation attorney could do, such as setting the matter for a mediation. These are held before an administrative law judge and usually forces the insurance company to make some response to the demand. Otherwise the ALJ can make the defense attorney call his client and get authority. Without an attorney the insurance company can string you along for a while, until you are desperate for money and will settle for cheap. A good attorney can help you maximize your recovery.


No there is no set time limit. You can have your lawyer call them and check the status of the claim, but that's about it.


What does your lawyer say? If they don't accept, push for a trial.

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