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How long do police in PA have to write tickets?

Philadelphia, PA |

I was pulled over for making a left turn from the middle lane. I explained to the cop that i was 100 miles from home, lost and using mapquest which told me to turn at the last minute. I gave him my license but i didnt have my insurance info. He returned to my car and told me that my license was suspended and had to be confiscated. Then he told me that I could not drive my car and someone had to come and get me. i later found out that they dont have computers in their cars and arent capable of checking anything at 3am. But i still got 3 tickets in the mail. driving w/out insurance, driving with a suspended license and making a bad turn. Can he do this? Can I beat this? the bad turn im guilty of, but the other charges are totally bogus.

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Generally, the police have 30 days from the date of the discovery of the violation to issue a citation. Past case law has indicated that this period does not begin until they receive a copy of the certified driving record. Here, based upon what you have indicated, it does not appear that the officer would have immediately had proof in the form of a driving record to properly issue the citation. The information the officer received was likely from the police dispatcher (who would have had computer access).

Since you do not say how long after the traffic stop the citations were issued, it is difficult to determine whether the citations were issued in a timely fashion. Considering the possible penalties (both in the form of fines and additional periods of license suspension), it would be worth the money to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area.