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How long do i have wait to get record expunged of class b misdemeanor theft at Macy .

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If it was an outright dismissal, you have to wait to years from the date of dismissal. If it was dismissed at the end of a deferred probation, you cannot expunge it but you can seal the record as soon as you are off probation.

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That all depends on what you mean by "received...3 years ago", and what the disposition was. If you were convicted or served any type of probation, you'll never be able to expunge it. If the case was dismissed outright, it can be expunged two years after the offense date. If dismissed through pretrial diversion, it can be expunged two ears after the dismissal date. If dismissed after deferred adjudication probation was successfully completed, you're eligible to have your records sealed through an order of nondisclsure once you're off of probation and the case has been dismissed.


If the case was dismissed or you were found not guilty at trial then you can have the case expunged right now. If you accepted a plea bargain of deferred adjudication probation then you can have the record sealed with a Petition of Non-Disclosure. Call my office at 281-920-5600 to discuss these options. You do not have to wait to to apply for them.

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This depends on many factors. Most attorneys, including myself, offer free consultations. I was a prosecutor with the Harris County District Attorneys office for over 6 years and spent 14 months in the Juvenile division before becoming a defense attorney. If the case happened when you were a Juvenile you can get the records sealed now. No one will ever be able to see that information. It is something you should have already done. A quality and experienced attorney can help you with that. If you were an adult the only way you can get it sealed is if you were given a deferred and you successfully completed it. Under the limited facts you have given you should be able to do that know. Quality defense attorneys should be able to help you out. Call around and find someone you trust.

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