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How long do I have to wait to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy after filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

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How many years do I have to wait to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy after a chapter 13 bankrutpcy?


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It depends - did you receive a Chapter 13 Discharge? Or was your chapter 13 dismissed without a discharge?

If your Chapter 13 was dismissed without a discharge, you can file Chapter 7 immediately.

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While you must wait at least 8 years between filing two chapter 7 (11 USC § 727(a)(8)) bankruptcies (assuming you got your discharge) you need only wait two years between Chapter 13 cases (11 USC §1328(f)(2)) 4 years between a 7 and a 13 (11 USC § 1328(f)(1)) and six years between a 13 and a 7 (if the percentage to the unsecured creditors was under 70%) (11 USC § 727(a)(9)).

Please make sure you consult an attorney because you must fall under the definition of a debtor and you may have to take extra steps not normally performed in a Bankruptcy in order to make sure you are protected by the automatic stay (11 USC § 362 et seq.)

These times may also be greatly shortened if you did not get a discharge in the first case. Good Luck!

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A little more detail is needed. If your Chapter 13 was dismissed you can file Chapter 7 w/o waiting but there is a 180 day time limit if your Capter 13 was dismissed for certain reasons. Speak with a local attorney.

If your Chapter 13 case was not dismissed but completed and you were granted a Chapter 13 discharge, you would have to wait 6 years from the date the original Chapter 13 was filed to file a new Chapter 7 and get a Chapter 7 discharge unless you paid 100% of all allowed claims in the Chapter 13 case. See 11 USC Section 727 (a)(9)