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How long do I have to register as a Sex Offender?

Las Vegas, NV |

I plead guilty to a misdemeanor unlawful sexual contact in January 2003 in Colorado. I was given probation, and as a condition I was placed in a SO Treatment Program. I was terminated from treatment in 2004, resentenced, and Accepted back into Tx and Probation, and in 2006 decided to just do the jail time and try to move on. I served a 2 year sentence,(1 year with good time), and had no real trouble with registration until moving to Las Vegas in April 2012. Now I find it impossible to find a job because of my past and SO Registration. On a registration form from Colorado I see that it says: "petition to discontinue registration"
3rd degree sexual assault or unlawful sexual contact (M1) I may petiton the court 10 yrs from the date of final release from the jurisdiction of court. 2016?

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Whether or not Colorado relieves you of your requirement to register may not be the only issue for you to consider.

Many States may require you to register for life, regardless of whether Colorado has ultimately relieved you of that duty. You will need to speak with attorneys from every state you intend on moving to about this, as the laws from state to state vary and can be particularly complicated.

Good luck!