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How long do I have to put a misdemeanor on job applications?

Spring Hill, FL |

1986, I was charged with altering a VIN # and $1,000 fine. The lawyer was supposed to have all removed, because I really was innocent, but its still there. I don't remember the lawyers name, he was my boyfriends and he since died, my boyfiend that is. Anyway, It was a misdemeanor in 1986. No jail time, nothing except $1,000 fine. How long will it keep coming up as a criminal record?

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The real problem you may have is that you were likely adjudicated guilty if you only paid a fine back in 1986. As teh law required probation if the court were to withhold adjudication. And you would be ineligible to ever get your record sealed or expunged if you were adjudicated guilty.


You need to see an attorney about getting this removed. It will show up on your record for 75 years.


You should consult with an attorney for information on sealing the records related to your case. If you are eligible, and the court seals your record, you can legally state on an application that you have never been arrested or charged with a crime. Our firm offers free consultations for matters relating to criminal charges, so please feel free to contact us.

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