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How long do I have to legally remain in my apartment after being given a "5 day notice to quit" ?

Quarryville, PA |

I have a rental agreement signed by myself, my boyfriend, and the landlord. We were late with the rent (and have not yet paid it) ... the Landlord gave us a 5 day notice to vacate the apartment and we did not leave because it was impossible to leave in that time frame, so she made a court date and we went and it was decided that we have to pay her this long list of charges of rent for Dec, late fees, and a utility bill that is owed. The MDJ said we could take another 10 days and get everything together and move out. The landlord then called on the phone and said that in 5 days she is coming to change the locks on the apartment and we wont be allowed in... Legally can she do this? What can we do to stop this from happening?? And, are we forfeiting our deposit as well?

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Talk with the Sheriff's department. Yes she will attach your deposit for monies due and owing

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