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How long do I have to file annulment in Washington State?

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How long do I have to file an annulment in Washington State?

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In Washington State, there is no time limit by which you must file a Petition to declare the marriage invalid -- Washington's form of annulment. However, in order to prevail on the Petition, you must meet one of the statutory criteria which are:

(i) The marriage should not have been contracted because of age of one or both of the parties, lack of required parental or court approval, a prior undissolved marriage of one or both of the parties, reasons of consanguinity, or because a party lacked capacity to consent to the marriage, either because of mental incapacity or because of the influence of alcohol or other incapacitating substances, or because a party was induced to enter into the marriage by force or duress, or by fraud involving the essentials of marriage, and that the parties have not ratified their marriage by voluntarily cohabiting after attaining the age of consent, or after attaining capacity to consent, or after cessation of the force or duress or discovery of the fraud, shall declare the marriage invalid as of the date it was purportedly contracted

If you can't fit your circumstances into one of these categories, that you must obtain a divorce.