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How long do I have to file an appeal?

San Antonio, TX |

I was found guilty after being charged with going 60 in a 40. I took it to court because it simply did not happen. Even with no evidence, such as a "malfunctioning" video that the prosecution and police did not have, and catching the police officer in a lie and pointing it out to the Judge, I was found guilty. I told the Judge that day I would not be paying the fine and would be appealing. In Texas how long do I have to file the appeal and who do I file it with?

Thank you!!

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If you are in traffic court chances are you'll appeal it up to the lowest trial court. There will probably be a trial de novo (a whole new trial) and you'll make your arguments again. You generally have 30 days to file a notice of appeal, although in some issues its much less time, ten days is a common number for certain motions. Talk to the clerk of the trial court and determine what he/she thinks the proper notice of appeal would be. I don't think it is worth your money to pay a lawyer for this issue but if it resulted in losing your license of a reckless driving charge you may wish to hire a lawyer.

Best of luck,

Shannon K. McDonald


Usually the clerk of the court will answer this question. The traffic court may also give you the answer.
Generally the time to appeal a traffic infraction is much shorter than the time for appealing in other courts, so you should move quickly if you are going to do this.

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