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How long do i have to file a melpratice suit

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on may 26 2009 i had a emerancy c- section,but i had been going to the same doctor during my preg.but during my c -section they cut me 14 inchs up and down,and i got real sick after it,and a doctor never come in and seen me for the 3 days i was in the hosp,i was released on the third day i was released,and 2 day after i come home my family doctor sent me back to the hosp.because i was so swelled and my inscision was real red,so i went back to the hosp.where i had been seen during my preg.and they had to holes in me to drain the infection, but they just left them open for about 3 weeks and i had to keep going back every week for about 2 months and there was more but this is a little bit of it,and where the cut me so far up it give me a big hernia that has to be fixed

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The state of Tennessee has one of the strictest statute of limitations for medical malpractice on the law books. Former patients have one year from the time the malpractice occurred to file a claim. If a foreign object has been left in the body, the individual has one year from the time it is discovered, or should have been found, to file suit. If the individual that has been injured is a minor, he/she has one year from the eighteenth birthday to bring a case before the court.

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Believe it or not, the simply question "How long do I have to file a malpractice lawsuit in Tennessee?" can be difficult to answer. The safest thing to do is to take action within one year of the injury. Please follow the link below to an article I wrote on the subject. It provides a more detailed explanation of the time limitations in a medical malpractice case.

However, you should not attempt to evaluate the statute of limitations or file a medical malpractice case on your own. There are lots of procedural traps that can cause your lawsuit to be dismissed, so the best thing you can do to protect yourself is to call an experienced medical malpractice lawyer.