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How long do I have to file a labor board complaint because of previous employer Denying my owed wages.

San Leandro, CA |

I was let go in mid Feb. They gave me the runaround. Promised I would be compensated. Then lied and hoped I went away. I am at the point of wanted to take legal action due to the stress and damages they cased my family because we needed the money.

They also sent my final direct deposit the night before I was actually laid off. Not including my miles. I feel I have a strong case because the obviously broke 1 -2 laws.

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When a CA employee is laid off or fired, they must receive their final wages immediately. If you were paid the night before, I don't know what else is owed from your question. If you submitted an expense report with mileage owed, they owe you that. If you are owed wages, call an employment law attorney to help you. An attorney can write a demand letter and get you wages owed, if any, plus one day's pay for each day you had to wait to get paid - up to 30 days PLUS pay your attorney. Filing a claim with the Labor Commissioner is an option, but one I don't recommend if you are owed wages and your former employer has money to pay you.

Kristine S Karila

Kristine S Karila


In addition, if you were let go in Feb., 2013, you are well within the deadline (statute of limitations) to file your claim.


You have three years from the date each payment should have been made to file your claim with the DLSE.

Good luck to you.

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