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How long do I have to appeal a court decision?

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You and your girl's other parent may - by agreement - seek to modify the terms, but even an agreed-upon visitation order must be judge approved to be enforced.

Without such an agreement, and to appeal, you must go to the court for a rehearing to argue something different - a change in circumstances - on the pros and cons of the proposed visitation schedule change. You as the parent proposing the visitation change must prove or show the change of circumstances.

You cannot do this as effectively if you go it alone.

You need a lawyer. Check with a North Carolina lawyer in your locale to discuss more of the details.

Good luck to you.

God bless.

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A rule 59 motion for a new hearing must be made withing 10 days of the entry of a written order. A Rule 60 motion (harder to get) may be made within 1 year. An appeal must generally be filed within 30 days.

Bottom line = you are running out of time. Talk to an attorney ASAP!

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