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How long do I have before I am forced to move after foreclosure/auction sale, in Missouri?

Neosho, MO |

Sale date appears to be on the 17th of December 2012, as we have not received a letter stating the bank/bank's lawyers are postponing it.

What is the procedure the new owner must take after the sale to evict us?
Is there any method/procedure we can use to stay longer after the sale? Does talking to the new owner after the sale usually help, or make things worse? We would like extra time to allow us to save some money to rent a place, if at all possible.

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About 30 days at the outside. If you do not move voluntarily the new owner must file suit and have you served with summons the court date will be about 2 weeks from then. After that they will have about 2 weeks to ask the sheriff to move you out

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You also want to be careful about the consequences of the eviction process. Depending on the circumstances you may be responsible for attorney fees. It is best to work with the new owner and voluntarily vacate the property.

My best to you.

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If the foreclosure notice was received, it will set forth your dates. I agree with Leonard that it's likely no more than 30 days.

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We have kept people in their houses for almost two years after a foreclosure in Missouri. These people obviously do not handle foreclosure defense cases. The foreclosure is done, then a period must be observed before they can even start the legal process.

An unlawful detainer action is filed, and you then have time to answer. You can request a jury trial if done timely. If they do not give you a jury trial, then you get a trial de novo and can do the entire process again.

This needs to be done in conjunction with determining whether there are other causes of action to pursue, but it is ill-informed to say that you have no more than thirty days.