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How long could the courts wait to give you a bond hearing?

Porterdale, GA |

If the case has been dead docketed how long could it take to get a bond hearing or would you have to wait for the file to be located?

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If the case has been dead docketed, there is likely no need to get a bond, unless the State is attempting to get the case off the dead docket and start pursuing it again. I advise that you immediately hire a criminal defense attorney or apply for a public defender. Good luck.



thank you so much for your advise!


I believe you left out the earlier information about you getting arrested on a bench warrant. Your case was dead docketed because you failed to appear and a bench warrant was issued against you. There is no right to bond on a bench warrant. Moreover, you don't get a bond hearing without filing a motion for bond. In your situation, the judge is going to give the State some leeway in locating the file since the reason that they are having difficulty is because you failed to show up for court.


Cases are "administratively" dead docketed when a bench warrant is issued because, as long as the person is "on the run", there is no need for the case to be on an active calendar. You need to hire an attorney immediately who will file a bond motion. Bond motions must be heard within 10 days of filing, so act fast. I'd be glad to discuss your case free of charge, (678) 310-7333.

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