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How long can u stay in jail for a 2nd DUI with a high bac of .20

Van Nuys, CA |

What is the usual jail sentence for a DUI in my case while on self probation. I have violated probation with a high bac. Can u get 2 years jail time. There was not accident or injury nor was I speeding.

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Your license will suspended for two years. Jail time can be anywhere from nothing to 1 year. It is doubtful you would get sentenced to more than 30 -60 days. If in Los Angeles County , because of overcrowding you would do only a fraction of that time.




Thanks. In what situations do people get up to a year or more then 6 months? Car crashes higher bac or injury.


I agree with Mr. Roberts. You should hire yourself an experienced attorney to assist you in this matter.


A local DUI defense attorney can answer the "usual" question although that usually will rely upon the Judge and DA involved in sentencing negotiations if you decide NOT to fight the charges. Assuming you are only on probation for the first DUI your MAXIMUM exposure to jail is 18 months minus whatever you served for the first offense and credits for jail time in your new case. A local DUI defense lawyer can help fight the charges in your case and, if necessary, negotiate a "plea bargain."


If the probation case was a first dui, there is a max of 6 months for violating probation; if convicted on the new case as a second dui (w/o injury), then add another year--but those are maximums and that's what occupies much of a lawyer's effort--- knocking know maximums to minimums (if there's no other way out). Prosecutors and defense attorneys often agree to "package deal dispos." Get represented!