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How long can the State of Washington hold license

Everett, WA |

I have some tickets holding my license . How long can alliance one hold my license ? I have a couple dwls 3rd and one 2nd . They won't workout a reasonable payment plan with me .

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Your license will be suspended until you pay the fine or establish a payment plan. If the collection agency will not agree to a reasonable payment plan, you may be able to go to the court where the original ticket was issued and ask the court if it will pull the fee from collections or allow you to complete work crew or some alternative payment plan.


The long and short of it is this: until you make arrangements to pay them off. It may be possible for you to go back to the courts that originally gave you the tickets and ask that they be taken out of collections and that you be allowed to be go back on a payment plan with the court. Using an attorney to help you make motions to the court may allow you to get out of this situation easier.


As Mr. Smith said, you can contact the underlying court about taking the cases out of collections. This will greatly reduce the amount you owe and the court could change payments to an alternative like community service. If this fails, you'll neede to make payment arrangements with Alliance One as there is no "end dat" to how long they can hold your license.
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The attorneys that have previously answered this have given you really good advice for Tacoma. Having practiced in Tacoma and Everett, I can tell you that Tacoma area courts are much more likely to pull your fines out of collections than the courts in the Everett area. Community service in lieu of fines is very rare in Snohomish County. This does not mean it wont' happen, but you will have to have a solid plan for paying the courts if you are going to have your request granted. Either way you will have to make arrangements to pay or be suspended until you do.