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How long can someone be help on a probation hold i wyoming?

Casper, WY |

i told the court that i was going to residential treatment for a drug addiction and left early after i had compleated all the work of their program and they were just holding me for my time saying i had more to work on. then i was threatened by a fellow client and all they did was move me rooms when they have in their rules that the violator would be tearminated.Which they didnt do so i left. and was put on a probation hold. if i were to go to an other facility would the hold be lifted?

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Generally the terms of your probation are to do certain things (or not do certain things) for a specified period of time. What that means is even though you may have completed certain programs during the probationary period, your probation doesn't end early. You cannot end the probation on your own by completing a program early. The probation hold means that when you get arrested, they are to hold you, generally without bond, until you are brought back in front of the judge. Contact your attorney and your probation officer immediately. Good luck!

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Going back to a facility may help you only in that it shows you want to comply with the probation. You were not allowed to leave the treatment center and doing so was a violation of your parole. The hold order cannot be lifted by your actions.

You will need to be resentenced by a judge because you violated your probation. You should contact your attorney who was on the case at your conviction, or if it was a public defender you should contact that office again.

Best of Luck,

Shannon K. McDonald