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How long can some go to jail for credit card fraud

Deltona, FL |

He has already been in trouble for this before an the only thing they gave him was probation an community service

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Depending on the value of the items purchased with the credit card and how many times the card was used in a 6 month period, it could either be charged as a 1st degree misdemeanor or a 3rd degree felony. If its a 1st degree misdemeanor, he can be sentenced up to a maximum of 1 year in jail. If it is charged as a 3rd degree felony he can be sentenced up to a maximum of 5 years in prison. The fact that he only got probation last time and he did it again (assuming he is found guilty or pleads guilty) will almost ensure that he will get some jail or prison sentence this time. He needs to hire a criminal defense attorney to make sure that he gets the best outcome possible.



Thank you well i hope hes in there for a while cause has stillout there stealing people cards an checks


He could be facing up to five years in prison

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