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How long can overdue child support be reported on a credit report?

Paulina, LA |

I have a child support obligation reported on my credit. I am currently fighting this out in the courts because it is not my child. In the meantime, the two states involved(original state and my home state) started changing the DOFD every month. Each month, the month and year that the report was scheduled to come off my bureaus would go up by one month. At that rate, it would never come off. Obligation is overdue since 2004, since I refuse to pay for someone else's child, so according to FCRA section 622, shouldnt this already have come off my report? CRA is telling me that support DOFD changes every month and that there is nothing wrong with how this is reported each month. I dont see how they can keep reporting 9 years after DOFD like this...

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You should consider hiring a lawyer who has experience in credit agencies and child support in your area. You won't find accurate enough advice in this forum.

Avvo answers are not substitutes for the educated opinion of a lawyer who knows the facts of your particular case and should not be relied upon as such. My answer to you did not create an attorney-client relationship. James J Bagley Whaley, Bowie and Bagley LLC Providence, RI 401 454 7700



thats the problem--there arent many to choose from and the one I did speak with responded in a manner that tells me he did not know the answer and wasnt willing to look into it. We are talking about two different areas of the legal world and it does not appear to be a common combination in a lawyer. I am just looking to find out what Section 622 of FCRA has been taken to mean so that I can plan my next moves accordingly. The rest of the issue is not something I am looking for answers on in here. I am only seeking answers on the credit reporting aspect of the support obligation.