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How long can green card holder stay outside USA? If he/she wants to stay more than 1 year out of US, what do they need 2 do?

Irving, TX |

My parents are green card holder, they are here in US right now. They got their green card last year. I want to know how long can they stay out of US, without having any problem with green card. I heard it is 1 year. What do they need to do if they want to stay more than 1 year? They have their address of MA but now have moved to TX, do they need to fill AR 11 form or simply can change their address from Post office?

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Six months. Yes, they need to file an AR11.

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By law, green card holders who stay outside of the US beyond 180 days may not be denied re-entry but may be subject to inadmissibility. If a planned travel outside the US will extend beyond 1 year, a travel permit is required for re-entry. Failure to obtain the travel permit will result in the green card holder being placed into removal proceedings for abandonment of status.

As for the change of address, they need to file an AR 11.


A reentry permit is needed for a stay over one year.