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How long can an attorney "delay" a foreclosure?

Palm Beach Gardens, FL |

I have already been served with foreclosure papers. I work in a commisioned based job and there are prospects of the business picking back up.

Can an attorney delay foreclosure for a period of time until my income picks back up?

Or should I just let the property go?

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Foreclosure defense lawyers do not delay. What we do is assert the multitude of good faith defenses availible to fight your foreclosure. In the process you may wind up living in your home for 4 plus years without having to make any payments on your mortgage. Taking action for the sole purpose of delay is unethical and strictly prohibited. Foreclosure defense lawyers are not in the business of delay. We are protecting the rights of good people who want to stay in their home. We fight against unreasonable, gredy lenders who are largly to blame for the crash of our economy and the loss of jobs.


Depends on what the lender, service r and originator did wrong with your loan. Most loans where put together badly and that means the litigation may take years. see a local lawyer who works in this area.

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