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How long can a jail hold a person for another county in Michigan.

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Is there a certain amount of days the jail can a person for another county and if so how many.

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I would have to know more information. Normally, if there is an on-going criminal case, you can be held until it is resolved. If multiple counties are involved, the courts and/or prosecutors will decide how to proceed.

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I would like to know what the hold is for and whether the person has been arraigned on any charges. If the person is being held for a felony and has been arraigned, then there are particular requirements under the Michigan Court Rules that a defendant receive a preliminary examination within 14 days of the arraignment. Assuming there are no charges, then typically the authorities can only hold a person for a reasonable period of time to complete an investigation. I would need more detail to have a better understanding of exactly what the issues are in this particular scenario.


Other than taking steps to start, or hold the preliminary examination within 14 data, there really are no specific deadlines or timeliness imposed.


They can be held for as long as needed in most cases. If the person has been arraigned and bond is set, they can be held until either they post or the cases are resolved. If there is a parole/probation hold with "no bond", they can be held until the case is resolved, even if they posted on the other charges. The rules for how long one county jail can hold for another are the same. If the "holding" county is told by court order/police/prosecutor not to let someone go, than they're not going to. The county that has placed the hold then has to move on the case within the same time parameters as they would if the person were in their jail. The only difference is, the holding jail will continuously send LEIN messages to the county that placed the hold, telling them to "come get him, we're done paying for his food." Some county jails routinely hold inmates for others and are paid via contract for doing so.

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