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How long can a court date stay valid?

Lawrenceville, GA |

I was charged with Hit and Run on Jan. 6 and my court date was supposed to be Feb. 22 but they said it was continued, so I just want to know how long can a court date stay valid?

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Court dates are regularly continued, but you need to confirm the continuance with the clerk of that court that it actually has been continued and confirm the new date. Also, a hit and run can have serious consequences to your license and could impact insurance coverage. Seek legal counsel before court about both of these issues.

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Timothy Minthorn Klob

Timothy Minthorn Klob


I agree, and Robert has raised some significant reasons why not seeking legal representation could have a long-term negative impact.


There may be certain court deadlines that require scheduling within a specific period of time. You need to hire a local traffic time attorney or criminal attorney to review this matter.


You will likely receive a new court date soon, and while your current court date is no longer valid due to your case being continued, the underlying case remains valid and is subject to being reset for a new date. While you should receive written notice for your new court date, you should also check in with the clerk of court and any online resources that would provide you updates on the status of your case to make sure you know when the next date is and when you should appear.

For additional guidance, I would also recommend you post any issues about your case in the criminal defense questions section here on AVVO in order to obtain and hire legal counsel if you have not done so already. There are some excellent local criminal defense attorneys near you in both Gwinnett and Walton Counties, some of whom also regularly provide answers here on AVVO, and you absolutely must ensure that you have legal counsel before proceeding to court. I wish you all the best.

Timothy M. Klob
Klob Law Firm

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You question is not completely clear, so feel free to post a comment clarifying what you are trying to determine if this answer or the other answers you have received are not sufficient. If the case was continued, that would mean that the original court date of February 22 was moved to another day. If "they" refers to your lawyer, you should contact him or her to determine why the case was moved so you can be fully informed as to what is happening with your case. If "they" refers to the court and you are not represented, you should request a notice of continuance in writing so there is no confusion (and you don't end up with a bench warrant and bond forfeiture by not appearing on February 22 if "they" are incorrect about the continuance) and an explanation as to why the case was continued.

Regarding the hit and run charge, you should be sure to hire an attorney or seek a public defender to help you negotiate that charge with the prosecutor. Depending on the circumstances of the case (for example, how you were caught, the nature of the injuries suffered by you or others in the accident, whether alcohol was involved, etc.), that charge can often be negotiated to a lesser offense. That is particularly true if your insurance company is covering the property damage and bodily injury claims made in connection with the accident.

Contact the criminal defense lawyer of your choice right away to seek legal advice specific to your case and to move forward with a lawyer at your side who will fight to protect and defend your rights.

Best of luck to you.

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I agree that you should retain a lawyer.


Technically, unless you demand a speedy trial by filing appropriate and timely motions, they can prosecute you anytime before statute of limitations expires for your particular charge. You should contact an experienced criminal atty or request a public defender as soon as possible as well as notifying your insurance company who will hopefully cover any damages you may have caused if you were at fault in the collision.

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Check with the court for your next date, and bring a local criminal lawyer with you to defend on your court date.

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