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How long am I liable for old medical bills?

Tyler, TX |

In trying to get another bill taken care of it was brought to my attention I have a $500 bill in collections with the hospital from 2000. I think it was from when I had my tonsils taken out a week after I turned 18 in December. I don't remember ever seeing this bill and to my knowledge they have never tried to collect on it. They claim it is a deductable that wasn't met but I remember paying the doctor (not the hospital) in full because I didn't have insurance. Am i still liable for this?

Also if I'm not still liable how can I get it to go away?

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In general, doctor's fees and hospital fees are not the same. They are usually for different services. The statute of limitations on a debt in Texas are generally 4 years, there is conduct that parties can take to extend that. Being 18 yrs or older, you will be held liable for these debts - if not dealt with correctly they could damage your credit rating, something that can give you additional trouble in possibly finding a job, an apartment, a bank account or even student loans

My advice would be you talk to someone from the billing department and ask them what the bill was for, and have them explain what was covered, was not covered and what you have or have not paid. Most hospitals do have extended payment plans to help people pay off their hospital bills without ever charging interest on them.

Do not ignore this issue, deal with it yourself or find a lawyer who can help you guide through this.

Hope this helps.

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