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How long after the Welfare Fraud hotline is called with a tip does the investigating begin?

Los Angeles, CA |

The hotline was called against the same person four times within the last three weeks. Nothing has been done to the offender yet. She is guilty of fraud by not reporting income and false information resulting in potential wage garnishment against the child's father.
It has been three weeks and there is no sign that any investigations are underway.
She has been illegally collecting benefits for five months and not contributing to her son, for whom the benefits are supposed to be for.
Her son does not live with her and she claimed he lived with her full time and the father had no participation physically or financially. She blatantly lied when she applied for welfare benefits.
The father has the child full-time and is providing 100% financial support as mom says she has no money.

What will happen to her? And how soon will this happen? We have our fingers crossed that she will be arrested and spend time in jail.

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Good for you for following up, but are you aware that there's a budget crisis in CA and that every CA County and City agency is having money and personnel problems and closing branches and shortening hours and furloughing workers? This agency sounds no different than the overworked and underfunded hospitals, libraries, courts, parks, building inspection departments, etc.

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