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How long after settling an auto insurance claim do you get paid?

Bellevue, WA |

If I agree on a settlement with a car insurance, how long after that does it take to receive a check?

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The check is usaully issued promptly (within days), and I would certainly expect it in no more than thirty days under almost any scenario. Good luck.

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Normally within a few days. However when the check needs to be sent to the insurance company's attorney first the delay can be a week or a few.


Assuming that the settlement occurs before litigation is filed (and that the check does not need to go through a defense attorney) you should receive the settlement check within two weeks after signing the release from the insurance company. Please note that the critical date is NOT when you verbally agree on a settlement, but when the insurance adjuster receives the release signed by you and witnessed and/or notarized as required by the insurance company. If there are lienholders involved in the case (i.e., your own insurance company that paid medical bills on your behalf, or unpaid medical providers who have filed liens) they probably will be listed on the settlement check along with you. That's a typical way of making sure that the lienholders, if any, get paid.

Good luck in resolving your claim for adequate compensation!

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