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How long after being arrested by feds can they seek an indictment what are the statues of limitations on seeking an indictment

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this is a case of some thing in 2011 he was just arrested two weeks ago at his probation office ...

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It depends on the charge. For certain offenses there is no statute of limitations. Generally, most federal crimes have a statute of limitations of five years, although there are exceptions that apply for certain crimes, when the wanted person is a fugitive, crimes against certain victims, etc. you should speak with an attorney for more specific answers.

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So you'r not an attorney ? well thanks anyways ..

Amy Katherine Guerra

Amy Katherine Guerra


I am an attorney. When I say that you should speak with an attorney, I mean that there are limits to the type of questions we can answer on here without a more in-depth conversation, reviewing your discovery, etc. You can see my profile here:


Speak to a criminal defense lawyer who handles federal cases in your area. Your questiojn does not have enough information to give you a good answer.

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