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How long after arrest do you usually wait to before arraignment felony charges.

Warrenton, NC |

I have a friend who was arrested on felony charges in three different counties. One county he went to his first arraignment in a few days. The second county it took over three weeks for arraignment. The third county he still has not had arraignment its going on four months. The third county had three different appearances scheduled for him. He is in jail in the second county. They have not taken him too his appearances.

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This is not surprising. Arraignment times vary tremendously across the state. With low level felonies, many times a case is resolved quickly with some type of plea, in district court. If the felony is more serious, the indictment process is often slow and arraignment may not occur for many, many months. To deal with this situation, make sure your friend's attorneys are communicating.

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