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How long after an incident can someone file a police report? And does it have to be file in the state that it occurred?

Council Bluffs, IA |

Hi. My daughter (21) moved to Council Bluffs,Iowa in Nov.2008 with her boyfriend(34). In Jan. 2009, He pushed her and threw her belongings outside their apt. door.In the past, he had been verbally abusive. I drove from Mn. that night and moved her back home in Mn. She was fearful of him. I told her to file a report, then, but she didin''t. The lease(Till Oct. 2009) and utilities are in both names. She called and can't get her name off bills or apt. and ex-boyfriend isn't paying them, even though he still lives there. Can she do anything to fix this, so her credit isn't ruined
The few times she was able to talk to the ex, he was very hostile. She was even sending him money toward rent the first few months after she moved back to Mn. He changed phone numbers and she can't get a hold of him

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Your question raises a number of issues. As it relates to the criminal matters it may not be too late to file charges, however, the charges do have to be filed in the locale where the alleged crime(s) took place; however, your description of the event doesn't really lay out a crime. If he physically assaulted her of battered her than certainly he has committed a crime, but that will have to be done in the locale with jurisdiction back in Iowa. As to the other issues, if her name is on the utilities along with her ex-boyfriends's she should be able to contact the utilities and cancel those utilities, especially if he is not paying them either. However, the utility provider may require her to pay any past due amounts. As to rent some apartments have in their lease agreements the ability to terminate a lease upon payment of a lease termination fee. However, once again she may be required to payoff any unpaid rent. This is really about the only things she can try to do to protect her credit. The lease presents the greater difficulty because that is in fact a contract that she voluntarily signed.

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