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How long after a judges final order of final accounting does it take for conservators to receive it in the mail?

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I won a judgement on Wed. of last week through a court order judgement on a final accounting of Marie Bunches Trust. This was for work rendered 1 1/2 years ago and the conservators final got around to submitting it to the judge. He approved the payment. The attorney for the conservators and I was in the court room that morning and heard the final decision. When I returned home I called the conservators to ask when they would be cutting me a check and they said not until they receive the actural final order which could take up to 2 weeks. I feel they are giving me the run around because they dislike me. How long does it take to get this final order from the judge or is the attorney authorized to pay me immediately.

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Judges have different work load and their schedules vary. You should call the judge's clerk and see when you can expect the signed judgment. Please keep in mind that a money judgment is not an order for defendant to pay you; rather, it is a declaration that you have the right to collect that sum of money.

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