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How long afer a divorce can you remarry in Mississippi?

Brandon, MS |

Final hearing for divorce is in April. Is there a waiting period after that final hearing that will have to wait until legally remarrying?

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You can remarry at any point after the final decree of divorce has be entered (ie, filed with the clerk), however, if you wanted to be extra careful or suspect your ex-spouse may appeal, you should wait an additional 30 days and ensure no appeal has been filed. Once 30 days have elapsed from the date the final decree is entered, the case can no longer be appealed on most grounds. There are a couple of very technical grounds that could, in theory, result in a divorce being set aside after the time to appeal has run, but that almost never happens. If an appeal is filed within the 30 days, you probably don't want to remarry until the appeal is resolved.

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Once you are divorced you can remarry

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There is no waiting period once the divorce has even granted by the court.

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One the final divorce decree is signed and entered, you are free to remarry legally.

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