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How long can court ordered supervised visitation last

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I have currently been indicated by ACS for leaving my non custodial 6 year old home for 2 hours. And i have voluntary enrolled in 10 week parenting classes for that misstep. I am currently getting divorced. My wife signed the papers for joint custody but child lives with wife. Now after this incident my wife want 6years of supervised visitation and no one will change that plus sole physical and legal custody? I only want 1 year of supervised visits plus , a cell phone and web cam for the child. whats worse is that we did this by ourselves and now she took me to family court, but that referee said she will simply dismiss case because we have to sort it out in supreme court.The supreme court case has yet been approved. How long can this supervised visits?How do we fix this mess,

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Most of the time, supervised visitation is required only for as long as the issue that caused the court to issue the order for supervised visitation lasts. That is, however, likely to be entirely up to the judge. Your best bet at this point is to hire an experienced family law attorney to help you with this mess. Good luck!

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The Court's goal is to only have supervised visits as long as they are necessary. Your wife cannot dictate how long supervised visits last. This should be up to the Judge with input from the law guardian and ACS. You need an experienced attorney to handle your divorce and the custody/visitation issues surrounding your divorce. I would be happy to have you in for a consultation to discuss the matter further. I can be reached at 646-470-0780 or Good luck.


Supervision only lasts as long as necessary to protect the child. It is not meant to be punishment. The exact length of time and the transition to unsupervised will be determined by the court if no agreement is reached. But based upon the information given, supervision should not last for a long time.

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