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How likely is it to get Post Conviction Relief for an OWI that happened in 2008? In NW Indiana. I have evidence that may help.

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I received an OWI in 2008. I called for assistance to get my truck that was stuck in sand towed. I approached the officers whom were looking at my truck. They immediately asked questions relating to drinking & driving. I admitted that I had some drinks. Told them I had "too much" and "a lot", which doesn't tell them how many drinks I had. 2 drinks could be "too much" and 4 drinks could be "a lot" for me. They did not know when I drank or when I drove. Could've been 3-4 hours before they arrived or never. They never witnessed me driving. I have a receipt that shows repairs done to my truck, proving the truck was inoperable. I also have a weather print out showing how the weather was that night. Will this help in getting PC? Plus I feel the lawyer i had didn't put much time into the case.

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You will not be able to get PCR. All of those facts were know to you before you entered into a plea agreement or were convicted. Plus, too much time has lapsed. I believe you have posted questions about this case on AVVO on a couple different occasions. You need to put this behind you and move forward.



I appreciate your feedback. I know I need to let it go, but It is hard for me to give up on this. Porter County is so different from anywhere else. In Lake County this would've been thrown out. Cops here get away with a lot. They have zero tolerance for innocent people, but have tolerance when one of their own is operating while intoxicated. Anyways, I have done a lot of research about OWIs and had to do it on my own, since that lawyer didn't explain much to me. 3 hours total time working on the case doesn't seem like much time to help me out. Sorry for the honesty, the legal system is bad, which makes me voice my opinion about what is going on out there.


I assume you pled to something which means you admitted it to the court under oath. So probably nothing will come of this.



Thank you for you answer. I did plead guilty.

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